I'm Dominik, a coding Designer from Austria, striving for visual clarity and simplicity.

Currently I’m working as a Product & Brand Designer at Blockpit, supporting thousands of Users with their crypto taxes. Previously I worked as a UX Engineer at Storyclash.

If you want to follow my journey, you can do so on Twitter, Dribbble, LinkedIn or GitHub

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Introducing Sandbox WIP

I’m excited to announce Sandbox. Sidebox is an auto-generated open source design system tailored to the needs of small organizations.

Project specific typography page

Building a Sandbox for your company or project couldn't be easier. Checkout a new branch, paste your tailwind.config.js in the root, and that's it.


Design Systems should support both developers and designers in their everyday work and shouldn't be an additional time consumer. After all, it is a mostly internal used software to simplify the communication between several different parties in an organization.

However, I often see the problem of keeping design systems up to date. Especially in smaller organizations we want to keep the design system as small and tidy but also as powerful as possible for our use cases.

Sandbox is trying to tackle this issue. It auto-generates your design system out of your design tokens just by adding one simple file everybody works with.

Rolling out

Sandbox is currently in development and not public. The MVP will include auto-generated typography, color & resources pages. Components and more will follow.