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Mar 9, 2021

I've been planning this post for a long time, but struggled to find a topic to begin with.

It must be something super catchy. Something valuable and shareable. Possibly something containing dog gifs?

But in reality, it isn't the topic I'm struggling for, it's the actual barrier in my head to just start writing. To break this procrastination barrier, I wrote the article you are currently reading.

Digital workers are dealing with lots of different, and confusing stuff in their everyday business. Sitting down once in a while and thinking about some things seems to be a a good resolution for me. Especially in these hard times.

It is probably the hardest to write about things that matter to someone but it is a mighty tool of reflecting decisions and thoughts for your future self.

In the future

So, which topics will be covered in the future? Well, probably everything that flies around in my head. Let it be something personal, philosophical or something work related.